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W5 Aviation LLC is a small company specializing in aviation consulting and aircraft records management. We are committed to support our customers with individually tailored solutions to meet their individual needs. Aviation is highly complex and multifaceted. A good number of aviation skills cannot be acquired in a class room but only through experience. The W5 Aviation team combined has gained more than 60 years of experience in various aviation disciplines. We are offering our services in those areas of gained expertise and work with qualified selected partners where further skills and capabilities are needed. With our own expertise and the support from our partners we feel confident to make the difference you are looking for.

Lukas Weiss, Director and owner

Lukas Weiss


It was a dream come true when Lukas founded W5 Aviation in 2012. Little did he know about this move when he first started in aviation as an aircraft mechanic at Jet Aviation Zurich, back in 1990. The journey since involved piloting several aircraft types on three continents and holding various managerial positions in international aviation companies. It is from this pool of experience he draws when consulting customers with the services offered by W5 Aviation.

Brigitta Weiss, Administrator

Brigitta Weiss


Brigitta, wife of Lukas Weiss took responsibility for all administrative matters from day one. She gained organizational and sales experience in retail and wholesale and added book-keeping skills when the company was founded. Brigitta raised three wonderful children and runs her department in the family business with the same devotion and efficiency.

Cornel Rub, Consultant

Cornel Rub


Cornel joined W5 Aviation as a contracted consultant in 2016. He has more than 30 years of experience in aircraft maintenance and continuing airworthiness management. At W5 Aviation Cornel supports us with aircraft technical records audits, aircraft completions projects and maintenance coordination on customer aircrafts.

A combined 60+ years of experience in aviation

W5 Aviation was established in April 2012. It is managed by its founder Lukas Weiss with administrative support from his wife Brigitta. In March 2016 Cornel Rub joined the team as an external contractor. Our small office is located 40 Kilometers south-east of Zurich, Switzerland.

    Experience In:

  • Continuing Airworthiness
  • Aircraft Records Management
  • Aircraft Maintenance
  • Completions Management
  • Flight Operations
  • Quailty Management
  • Safety Management

Lukas Weiss

Director of W5 Aviation

Aviation has been my passion and profession for more than 25 years. My many activities in various aviation disciplines on 3 continents have given me a great wealth of experience. Aircraft maintenance and flying as a commercial pilot in the early years have given me the hands-on experience helping me to appreciate the complexity of maintaining and operating an aircraft. I also learned a great deal about the needs of aircraft owners and passengers alike.

Later, I had the privilege to get involved in Continuing Airworthiness Management as well as Safety and Quality Management in aviation. In these positions I attained Civil Aviation Authority recognition from the Swiss FOCA (EASA Form 4).

Aircraft Completion Management, both on fixed wing aircraft and helicopters, was added to the list of my activities in 2005. An area I have been enjoying to be increasingly involved in ever since. I have been especially privileged to consult one of the major business aircraft manufacturers in the areas of completions- and quality management.

In all these years I was involved in either writing or revising manuals and handbooks, auditing and reorganizing aircraft technical records and where necessary recovering missing files. More than often I had to work with disorganized and incomplete history files. This inspired me to offer my newest services product: Aircraft Records Management. An integral approach to managing aircraft technical records.

It is from this pool of experience I draw when consulting my customers with the services offered by W5 Aviation. I trust to be able to help you in your endeavors to make that project of yours a successful one.


Aircraft Records Management

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Sort - Organize - File

It is a dry and tedious task and nobody likes to do it: sorting, indexing and filing your aircraft technical records! However, well organized records would make airworthiness reviews or audits of any kind much easier. We have perfected the process of sorting, organizing and filing the records of both aged aircraft and those just entering service. The W5 Aviation system is straight forward and easy to understand for just anybody, current and future owners and operators. Binders and boxes used are of high quality ensuring proper and durable protection of your valuable files.

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Verify – Correct – Maintain

For a technical director or CAMO specialist the day is loaded with maintenance planning, dealing with an AOG or an on-site visit at the MRO working on your aircraft. Keeping up with maintaining your aircraft records usually ends up at the bottom of the to-do list. That is where W5 Aviation can step in and support.

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Get ready for the digital age by generating a complete digital image of all paper aircraft technical record files. The two main computerized maintenance programs (CAMP & CMP) offer digital logbooks and a database for all scanned files. This database is only useful if maintained properly. We will verify all digital files on these platforms and complement the database as needed. In addition W5 Aviation offers an independent, easy to use cloud based digital storage for all your aircraft records

Consulting Solutions

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Completion and Refurbishment Management

The design and outfitting of your aircraft interior, drafting the exterior paint scheme and selecting system options suitable to your aircraft mission profile is a very personal matter. W5 Aviation makes your matter our own. We take on the responsibility to ensure the highest level of quality from the design specification through to the final delivery of your new aircraft or refurbishment project.

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Aircraft Technical Records Audit

Whether it is for the preparation of an airworthiness review by the authorities, an upcoming insurance audit, getting ready for an aircraft sale or purchase, or simply to give the aircraft owner a heads-up on the status of the aircraft and documentation; W5 Aviation has experience in auditing your asset, providing recommendations and supervising resulting actions.

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W5 Aviation has teamed up with Solve-Net to develop an Aircraft Inspection template that will perform all you need in the palm of your hand.

PocketInspections has been used successfully in the construction industry for years. We came across it when searching for an App that would support our aircraft survey activities and reporting. Its powerful functions convinced us immediately and we knew this would work also in the aviation world. Solve-Net was willing to produce an aircraft inspection template that can be used for various type inspections and surveys. Try it out, you will be amazed by its user-friendliness, performance and quality! Once tailored to your company’s requirements and branded with your corporate identity, you will never want to write another report the old way!
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Thank you for taking interest in W5 Aviation and our services. Would you like to learn more about our capabilities, services and ways we may be able to support you and your project? Please send your message via e-mail or contact me directly by mobile.

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